“...we saw a marriage therapist ... it helped but didn’t address our sexual issues...”


Did you know - sex therapists are specialists? They are licensed therapists who then complete numerous courses and hundreds of hours training specific to addressing sexual issues and problems. Most physicians, psychologists and other therapists are provided no sex therapy courses or experience as part of standard training or licensure.

“...other counselors we saw couldn’t help us with the sex part -
I didn’t even feel I could safely bring it up...”
“...I can’t tell you how many therapists and doctors I saw that didn’t help me with sexual pain...I felt hopeless & like it was my fault.”

These comments and many like them from real people are not unusual in my office. Get help from a therapist certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) or a degreed clinical sexologist – the only practitioners completely qualified to directly address sexual issues as part of overall treatment. Dr. Orion can help you bring your relationship into a mutually satisfying intimate space.

Sex doesn’t exist in a vacuum (or a closet) -

it's part of our whole lives. 

Many aspects of life impact our relationships and sex lives. Holistic sex therapy addresses sex problems (see home page) AND these issues and events that may be causes or symptoms:


  • Affairs, divorce, remarriage

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • age and life stage

  • marital and family stage

  • sexual pain

  • Arguing

  • Grief or loss

  • Infertility/sterility

  • Family/cultural issues

  • Disability or illness

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • OCD/perfectionism

  • PTSD


  • Substance abuse

  • and others