Did you know: 50% of men prescribed Viagra don’t reorder?

That’s because it doesn’t help everyone – so if you took it and it didn’t help – it’s not about you!

                    Many men do not refill their prescription because 

                                vaso-dilators are not relationship pills - 

                    they just help blood flow to the spongy tissue of the penis.

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are medications that help the vascular system. Some are used to help people with poor leg circulation and other medical problems. These drugs can effect your blood pressure and have other side effects, which is why you need a physician’s prescription to use them safely.

These drugs can be used to enhance sexual performance, and may help with confidence (if they work) or boost existing sexual interest. 

They are not aphrodisiacs and they do not:

Solve relationship problems

Change brain chemistry

Alter MOOD or create desire

Lower stress, calm anxiety, or help other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Create romance, closeness, or connection

Teach relationship or sexual skills


Vaso-dilators are wonderful to have as an option especially for people with physical and medical problems that interfere with erectile function. Counseling is still recommended to help with relationship issues that may have arisen as a side effect of the physical problems and erectile issues.


                                    For all men dealing with erectile issues,

                These drugs are useful as part of a holistic, 

        bio-psycho-social approach to healing erectile function and 

                        creating positive, realistic sexuality.