Do you experience physical pain during sex?

That’s not how sex is supposed to feel!

Aspects of your relationship and sexuality have been negatively affected, even derailed, by pain. Sex therapy can help with these problems, and with what to tell a physician to aid in correct diagnosis.

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VAGINISMUS - serious sexual pain. Does intercourse seem impossible?

If you have seen physicians and no apparent cause for your pain was detected, you may have a condition called vaginismus. This is an INVOLUNTARY spasmodic condition making intercourse very painful or impossible. The condition affects an estimated 1% - 7% of women WORLDWIDE. That's 1 to 7 in every hundred women. You are not alone! Help IS available.

There is a scale of severity of vaginismus. Especially on the higher end of that scale, no amount of relaxation and mental or emotional work alone has been shown to cure the condition. Gynecological examination may be impossible.

Medical treatment IS necessary. Speciality counseling is part of the repair process and for building new intimacy and sexual skills after living with the damage caused by vaginismus. This is not anyone's fault, and no woman or partner can cure it without help.

There IS painless medical treatment with a 94% success rate. Many physicians, however, do not know how to diagnose vaginismus, nor about the fully researched and documented treatment, if they have not worked with a sex therapist or one of the few doctors providing this treatment in the United States.

For an 8 minute video of Dr. Orion and Dr, Pacik discussing the basics of vaginismus and treatment click here:


WEST COAST: call or email me, Dr. Orion. I work with Dr. Terry Restivo (female) in Napa, California, a board certified surgeon who provides the simple and painless treatment in the beautiful facility, Asthestic Surgery Center of Napa Valley. You will receive confidential consultations with me and Dr. Restivo prior to deciding on any treatment.

No surgery is required for vaginismus treatment!

FOR EAST COAST, U.S., AND INTERNATIONAL TREATMENT PROVIDERS, plus videos about vaginismus with Dr. Peter Pacik and Dr. Rhea Orion SEE

Peter Pacik, MD, FACS has pioneered vaginismus treatment in the United States:
1 hour video on Understanding & Treating Vaginismus
Author of “When Sex Seems Impossible . . . Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy"

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