Recent brain research confirms that the biggest sex organ is something we ALL have – a brain. Whether or not we are aware of it, at least 12 areas of the brain “light up” during orgasm, including the area attributed to “spiritual” experiences or “religious ecstasy.” (see Gina Ogden, PhD)

Surveys and other reports show that thousands of women and men have sex that can be called spiritual in some way. Respondents and subjects using phrases to describe sexual experiences such as “at one with God,” “other worldly,” “complete oneness with my partner,” “out of body, and in body, at once,” “spiritual AND physical ecstasy,” confirm that people can be aware of sex as more than a genital, more than a physical, experience.

Growing interest in Eastern practices such as Tantra indicate that people want more than a physical and genital experience of sex. They want connection with one another, and a “flow” to ecstasy. While it has not been empirically studied, evidence exists that some form of spiritual integration into sex can help many sexual and relationship complaints, as well as expand the average sex life into a remarkable one.